Fox Valley Technical College | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 27

Student Government Association (SGA)
Luke Leitner
Phone: 920-735-2500
Student Government Association represents all FVTC students. SGA works with all student
clubs and organizations, the FVTC District Board and the college leadership on student related
topics and issues. As an officer or representative, students have the opportunity to provide
feedback, generate ideas and serve on committees. Students must be enrolled in a minimum
of one program credit to be a member. SGA addresses students’ concerns, makes suggestions
and brings forward innovative ideas to create a better college experience for students. Follow
us on Facebook: FVTC Student Government Association.
Student Nurses Association (SNA)
Shelly Dempewolf
Mitch Luker
Phone: 920-993-5296
Phone: 920-831-5462
The purpose of the SNA Club is to assist nursing students by providing various activities in
order to prepare them for their role as a professional nurse. SNA encourages members to get
involved in activities that are held in the community and on campus. Members from all levels
of the nursing program support each other and move forward toward a common goal.
Student Veterans of America
Ben Castner
Bill Trombley
Phone: 920-560-4232
Phone: 920-735-4853
FVTC Student Veterans of America (SVA) will be meeting regularly throughout the school
year. The mission of the FVTC Student Veterans Club is to provide Military Veterans with
the resources, support and advocacy needed to succeed in Higher Education and beyond
graduation. FVTC SVA provides support and opportunities where Student Veterans can
reconnect to help them thrive and succeed. It also gives members a chance to collaborate and
network with other Veterans on campus. Anyone can be part of the club; whether they are
Veterans, military service members, or supporters. Be sure to ‘like’ our Facebook page and
‘follow’ us to keep up to date with meetings and upcoming events.
Feel free to email us at
for info or help distributing info to
fellow Vets.
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