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                                PROGRESS PROBATION
1. A student who has attempted at least a total of twelve (12) semester units shall be placed on progress probation when the percentage of all units for which entries on “W”, “I”, and “NC” are recorded reaches or exceeds fifty percent (50%) of the total units the student has attempted.
2. A student on progress probation shall be removed from probation when the percentage of “W”, “I”, or “NC” units drops below fifty percent (50%).
3. A student on progress probation shall be subject to dismissal if his or her percentage of “W”, “I”, or “NC” units remains or exceeds (50%) after one (1) additional semester, for a total of two (2) semesters of attendance.
4. Students who are eligible for Financial Aid, EOPS or other educational benefit programs may be subject to more stringent standards for academic progress.
5. If a student disagrees with his or her probation status or dismissal, he or she may appeal by submitting a Petition to the Vice President of Student Services. A separate appeal with the appropriate program coordinator may be necessary for students are eligible for Financial Aid, EOPS or other educational benefit programs.
A student who is on academic probation shall be subject to dismissal if the student maintained a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0 in all units attempted for two (2) semesters (fall and/or spring).
Palo Verde College shall publish in the College Catalog its policy on academic renewal without course repetition. This policy shall not conflict with Education Code, Section 76224.
In order to graduate from Palo Verde College, students must have earned a minimum grade point average of 2.0. However, the College recognizes that students who have done poorly in the past can and do return to their studies with a determination to succeed. Therefore, a policy has been established to give them a reasonable opportunity
Palo Verde College defines a resident as a person who intends to make California her/his permanent home and has resided within the State for one year and one day prior to the residency determination date, which is the first day of classes of each semester, or summer session. The requirements necessary to demonstrate intent to become a California resident are available from the Registrar’s Office.
Palo Verde College provides for the safety of its students and employees. Our security personnel are here for you! Security Officers carry radio communications equipment for immediate access to individuals or agencies as needed for emergency situations. Some of

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