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                                kind with respect to examination, course assignments, or illegal possession of examination papers, or any student helping another to cheat is subject to penalties. Any student who deliberately uses and appropriates another’s work without identifying the source, passes off of such work as the student’s own, or who fails to give full credit for ideas or materials taken from another, has plagiarized.
It is the responsibility of the student to know what constitutes academic dishonesty. If a student is unclear about a specific situation, he or she may speak to his or her instructor. Depending on the seriousness of the infraction, the student may:
• have his/her course grade lowered;
• receive a failing grade on the paper, test, or course; • be placed on probation or suspension;
• be expelled.
In cases of cheating or plagiarism the instructor may take academic action as outlined in the Due Process section of this catalog. This may range from loss of credit for a specific assignment, examination, or project, to removal from the course with a grade of “F”. The instructor should initially seek to resolve the problem with the student to their mutual satisfaction. In addition, the instructor or student may also request action through the Discipline Hearing Com- mittee and/or the Appeals Procedure, which will adjudicate on the basis of College policy. The Office of the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services will maintain a record of students who have engaged in academic dishonesty. For additional information, contact the Office of Student Services.
As a Palo Verde College student, when you are given access to The Bridge, our online course software, you are expected to keep confidential your username and password and to never allow anyone else to log in to your account. Sharing access or passwords to The Bridge is considered a breach of academic integrity and could result in you being removed from your class.
When you log-in to The Bridge, you do so with the understanding and agreement to produce your own work, to complete course activities yourself, and to take course exams, tests or quizzes without the assistance of others.
Allowing others to complete your course work or to take your quiz, test, and exams is considered cheating and could subject you to receiving an “F” for the course. In addition, this type of dishonesty can result in formal disciplinary action being taken against you by the college. Please take time to review the following policy on Student Conduct. If you have questions about your work in an online course, be sure to ask your instructor.
Palo Verde Community College District, as a tax-supported institution, is committed to compliance with state and federal laws. As an institution of high education, the college is committed to providing an orderly environment conducive to student learning. When the conduct of students transcends the bounds of law or interferes with the normal processes of education, the college must take appropriate action. It is in this spirit and toward these ends that the following procedures have been developed.

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