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                                the functions they will perform are:
1. Secure the campus.
2. Protect state property.
3. Respond to emergency situations.
4. Provide escort service between the classroom and your vehicle if needed during night time hours.
5. Prevention issues, crime report, and timely warnings about threats to the campus community will be reported to students.
Please help us out! Security is everybody’s business. If you see something that appears suspicious or someone that does not seem right, please let the guard know so that it can be looked into as soon as possible.
Students may park at no charge in designated Student Parking areas. Students who park in unauthorized areas will be issued two warnings by campus security. After two warnings, vehicles will be towed off the premises and students will be responsible for associated towing charges.
In accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Drug Free Workplace Act of 1989, the college is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace; and in accordance with the requirements of the Drug Free Schools and Community Act amendment of 1989, the college maintains a drug and alcohol-free college environment for students and employees.
The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of illicit drugs and alcohol is prohibited at Palo Verde College. Violation of this policy by students will result in disciplinary sanctions up to and including expulsion. Violators may be prosecuted under applicable laws.
Pursuant to Board Policy 3570 smoking is prohibited in all enclosed facilities without exception.
The faculty of Palo Verde College is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards possible related to student academic performance in our online, correspondence, and face- to-face classes. We assume that students will pursue their studies with integrity and honesty. However, when students are caught cheating or plagiarizing, a process is begun which may result in severe consequences. Cheating is seeking credit for academic work through the
use of dishonest, deceptive, or fraudulent means. Dishonesty consisting of cheating of any

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