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University Graduate School
have fellowships directly available. Finally, there are a few need-based federally supported fellowships available to
students. Students should visit the Financial Aid Office website to obtain information on eligibility criteria, deadlines,
and required forms:
Graduate Assistants
Many graduate programs have assistantships available to support graduate students. These generally provide full or
partial tuition support and salary and are available on a competitive basis. A full assistantship requires 20 hours of work
per week. The assistantships generally fall into three categories, either teaching (TA), research (RA) or administrative (GA).
The awards vary per program, and summer awards have a different rate structure than regular academic year awards.
Students interested in applying for an assistantship should contact their graduate program director as soon as possible.
Graduate Assistant Health Insurance
Florida International University provides subsidized health insurance to all graduate assistants holding a full-term
appointment of 20 hours per week. All Graduate Assistants are required to participate in this health insurance plan
unless their insurance company will certify equivalent coverage. Gallagher Koster will administer the health insurance
provided to Graduate Assistants. For information, visit the Gallagher Koster site at
Work Hours and Outside Employment Restrictions
GA/TA/RA’s may not be assigned to work more than 20 hours per week or take on outside employment without the
written approval of the Dean of the University Graduate School.
Required course loads for GA/TA/RA’s
All GA/TA/RA’s must enroll for a minimum of 9 graduate credit hours in the fall and spring terms, and 6 graduate
credit hours in summer.
Termination or Curtailment of an Appointment
All students holding an award receive a letter of appointment, which sets forth the conditions under which the award
is valid. An appointment may be terminated for a number of reasons. These may include, but are not limited to,
failure of the appointee to perform duties specified in the letter of appointment; failure of the appointee to maintain a
satisfactory student status; failure of the appointee to make satisfactory progress towards his/her degree; or due to
incompetence or misconduct on the part of the appointee.
For additional information regarding Graduate Assistantships, please visit us at
, or contact Betty Sigler at
or (305) 348-0394
UGS Fellowships:
Presidential Fellowships
are intended to recruit exceptional graduate students to enroll full time in a doctoral
degree program at Florida International University. A recipient of a Presidential Fellowship receives a stipend of
$30,000 per twelve months for three years, provided that the student makes excellent progress in his/her degree
program. The UGS will provide a tuition fee waiver for 24 credits for all 3 years of the fellowship.
FIU McNair Graduate Fellowships
Doctoral Student Awards for doctoral students provide four years of support with a $23,000 annual stipend plus a
tuition waiver and individual health insurance. The University Graduate School will provide the support for the first two
years in the form of a fellowship. The academic department will continue to provide the same level of support during
the 3rd and 4th years through a (0.5 FTE) teaching or research assistantship. Students may not receive other FIU
fellowships or fellowships from outside agencies during the first two years of the award.
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