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University Graduate School
Master’s Student Awards for master’s students provide a $15,000 stipend for the first year, plus a tuition waiver and
individual health insurance. In the second year, the student’s academic department will continue the same level of
support by providing the student a (0.5FTE) graduate or research assistantship. Students may not receive other FIU
fellowships or fellowships from outside agencies during the first year of the award.
Eligibility-Nominees must:
• be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
• be newly admitted to/entering a master’s or doctoral degree program at FIU for the Fall 2016 semester (currently
enrolled graduate students are not eligible)
• have participated in and complete the McNair Scholars Program at their undergraduate institution
• have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in upper division undergraduate coursework
Doctoral Evidence Acquisition Fellowships
support doctoral students who have no financial support for evidence
acquisition activities or those students for whom their current means of financial support would significantly interfere
with or preclude their ability to collect the evidence needed for their doctoral research.
Dissertation Year Fellowships
provide support to highly-qualified FIU doctoral students during the data analysis
and writing phase of their dissertation. It is intended to facilitate the timely completion of high-quality manuscripts and
dissertations. Students who are conducting outstanding research in their discipline and have established a notable
record of publication during their doctoral studies (in comparison to others in their discipline) are favored in the
application process. Dissertation Fellows are expected to graduate within 1 year after receiving the award.
For information regarding Fellowship opportunities, please visit us at
or contact Michael Dudley at
(305) 348-4711.
Additional Funding Opportunities:
Graduate Funding:
University-wide Scholarships:
Graduate Advisory Board (GAB)
The GAB is charged with conveying graduate student needs - personal, professional and academic - programming
ideas and policy concerns to the UGS. While the Graduate & Professional Student Committee (GPSC) is the
recognized advocacy group for graduate students at FIU, the GPSC works with the GAB to gather input from an array
of students and disciplines. The structure for the GAB includes student representation from GPSC, various GSOs,
SGA and diverse academic disciplines. For more information on the GAB, please contact Magnolia Hernandez in the
University Graduate School:
or 305-348-1905.
Graduate & Professional Student Committee (GPSC)
This Committee helps facilitate and enhance the overall graduate student experience, by advancing the University’s
academic goals, assisting in the expansion of graduate programs, and promoting quality teaching and research
efforts. They also work in conjunction with other organizations and departments in order to present educational
workshops, coordinate symposiums and scholarly forums, and facilitate funding workshops to assist students with
securing funding for professional development and conference travel. Location: MMC, GC 2202.
Phone: 305-348-3023. E-mail:
. More information about the GPSC can be found at
Student Government Association (SGA)
The SGA is the governing student body at FIU and advocates for all students at the university. Graduate students
can hold senator and other positions within the SGA. For more information on getting involved with the SGA, contact
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