FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 95

Housing & Residential Life
Dear FIU Resident,
Welcome home! Live. Learn. Excel. This is our motto which captures the essence of the
residential experience here at FIU. Living on campus is an important step toward achieving
success. It will provide you with opportunities to learn from people of different cultural
backgrounds, to develop new interests and skills, and to prepare for active participation in our
vibrant learning community.
Our residence halls promote an environment that is conducive to learning. We offer a
variety of educational and social programs to enhance your student experience, and provide
opportunities to interact with faculty, academic advisors, and residential tutors to help you
maximize your academic success.
We encourage you to seek out leadership experiences both in the residence halls (RHA, NRHH,
RA and Hall Council positions) and throughout the FIU Community. Get involved in intramurals,
clubs, and organizations – there are endless possibilities!
With more than 3,200 FIU students living in our residence halls, we are Worlds Ahead at
transforming lives, and inspiring residents to make a difference in the community. Keeping
in mind that each student is responsible for our community, and as such, all students are
responsible for treating fellow residents with respect, dignity, and care.
I am pleased to welcome you to our residential community, and hope that you will actively
pursue the many opportunities available for an exciting and rewarding residential student
experience at FIU!
Lynn N. Hendricks, Ed.D.
Director, Residential Life
Florida International University • campuslife.fiu.edu
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