Fox Valley Technical College | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 203

Academic Appeals
Students attending Fox Valley Technical College may appeal a variety of decisions made by the
institution that directly impact their academic standing or progress including, but not limited to:
• Final course grades (must be filed within 21 calendar days of grade posting)
• Transfer credit awards
• Graduation requirements being satisfied
• Academic probation and suspension
For the full policy and procedure regarding academic appeals, visit
College-Policies, select “Instruction” and then “Academic Appeals”.
Academic Progress Standards
It is expected that students will make satisfactory progress each semester they are enrolled. Satisfactory
progress at Fox Valley Technical College means achieving a minimum semester grade point average
(GPA) of 2.0 (“C”). The following academic progress policy applies to all program-declared degree and
diploma students carrying 6 or more academic credits. For a full list of polcies regarding satisfactory
academic progress including Academic Probation and Academic Suspension, visit
About-Us/Policies/All-College-Policies, and select, “Instruction”.
Adding Courses after the Start of a Term
Students may add courses through the first week of a term based on available space basis. Adding a
course after the first week of a term or after the start date of courses of shorter duration requires instructor
approval before a student may register.
Students in degree programs and credit courses at Fox Valley Technical College are expected to attend
classes as scheduled and actively participate in classes to receive the maximum benefit from their
educational experience. Attendance is the responsibility of the individual student, including notification
as required by the instructor and arranging for completion of missed coursework. For the full policy on
attendance, visit
select “Instruction” and
then “Student Attendence”.
Any credit course may be audited to gain a gendera underanding of subject matter, but you must indicate
your intent at the time of registration. For a full list of details, visit
and select
“Academic Forms” and then “Course Audit Request”.
Holds on Student Accounts
Students who have a financial or disciplinary “hold” on their record will not receive transcripts, grade
reports or be allowed to register for future classes until the “hold” has been cleared and the appropriate
staff member has been contacted.
Class Cancellation
In cases where the instructor will be absent for the day, a notice may be posted at the entrance of the
classroom or lab, students may also be notified via email, Blackboard, or other method as deemed
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