Fox Valley Technical College | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 200

Disciplinary Action
Violations of policies that constitute a breach of the Code of Conduct - Students will be referred to the
College’s Conduct Officer. Disciplinary action up to and including suspension from FVTC and either
criminal and/or a civil suit could be taken against individuals who violate the above stated policies.
Complaints – How to File
Students have the right to bring forward a complaint. These complaints or concerns can involve FVTC
faculty and staff, administrators, students or an issue. For further information on filing a complaint as a
student, visit
Emergency Telephone/Personal Messages
There will be no all school pages to locate students. If a student needs to be located in an emergency, the
following procedure will be followed;
1. The Switchboard/Security staff will find the student’s schedule in PeopleSoft.
2. If the student is scheduled in a current class, a staff member from Security will go to the classroom
and deliver an emergency message to the student.
3. If the student is unable to be located, but scheduled to be in class later in the day, the staff member
may go to the later scheduled class and deliver the emergency message.
There is an expectation that students will make arrangements for a secondary contact in case they are
not located where they are expected to be, and that they will provide those secondary contacts to family,
friends, children’s school, etc.
Fox Valley Technical College has open parking at all locations. Parking spaces are available on a first
come, first served basis. The College provides limited designated and reserved parking spaces. All
designated disabled parking spaces are available to anyone displaying a valid disabled placard or disabled
license plate. Two-hour visitor parking spaces are available for guests visiting the College. United Way
and Staff Giving Stalls are reserved. There are designated motorcycle parking spaces that are enforced
from April 1 through November 1.
Parking in fire lanes, along roadways, on grass, walkways, sidewalks, or other non-designated parking
areas are prohibited. Vehicles may be cited or towed at the owner’s expense. Security Services will
enforce all College parking regulations and applicable state parking regulations and laws.
For overnight parking needs, please notify Security Services at (920) 735-5691. Security will need
vehicle color, make, model, location of vehicle, license plate number, and emergency contact phone
Security Escort
Campus Security is available to escort you to your vehicle during hours of operation. Contact Security
Services at 920-735-5691 for further information.
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