Fox Valley Technical College | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 193

Security Services
Campus Security Services staff provides a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors at
FVTC. Security officers patrol the campus buildings and parking lots during the hours of operation. If
you have questions or need to report an incident, contact the security office in Appleton, Room F112 or
call (920) 735-5691. You can email or text
for any concerns, tips, or security issues.
At the Public Safety Traning Center, Call (920) 560-1699. In Oshkosh, the security number is (920) 236-
6166. In all life threatening emergencies, dial 911.
Smoking/Tobacco Free Campus
All FVTC campuses and facilities, including the grounds, are tobacco-free. For the full Smoke/Tobacco
Free Campus Policy visit
and select “Health
and Safety”.
Student Activity Fees
Students taking credit classes at Fox Valley Technical College pay a student segregated fee per credit.
The allocation of these fees is the responsibility of the FVTC Student Government Association and is
subject to final approval by the FVTC District Board of Trustees. The Finance Committee, an designated
committee of the Student Government Association, is responsible for the allocation of furnds that
finance projects, events and student organizations that are of interest to the student body. In addition,
a percentage of these fees are allocated to provide services to the college’s Health Services, Security,
Student Conduct Office and Employment Connections.
Student Ambassadors
The Student Ambassadors at Fox Valley Technical College are a diverse and energetic group of students
that are selected to welcome and host potential students and their friends and families. This group
provides information to potential students by assisting with tours, Open Houses and Discovery Days
as well as many other events. Students need to fill out an application and are interviewed for this paid
position. For more information, contact Student Recruitment by calling (920) 735-4740 or visit the
Recruitment Team in E121. Applications can be found online at
Student Events and Leadership Opportunities
Fox Valley Technical College offers a comprehensive student development program with a diverse
offering of many co-curricular opportunities for all students outside the classroom. Students can
choose to become engaged in the college community through a variety of opportunities to increase
leadership skills, become involved in civic engagement, develop time management skills and acquire
the employability essentials needed for entering the workforce. For a complete listing of clubs
and organizations to be part of or to find out the programs and events available, go to the Student
Organizations page, look through the calendar for events or visit the college’s web site at
Student Life
The Student Life department at Fox Valley Technical College provides all students the opportunity
to participate in student activities, events, leadership development, clubs and Student Government
Association. In addition, students can find a relaxing environment to visit in between classes, purchase
stamps and discount passes, fax materials or sign up for any number of trips . A yearly Speaker’s Series
is provided by the department as well the Foxes LEAD program. Welcome Days, a program for new
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