HACC Student Planner 2017-2018 - page 8

The Office for Disability Services provides reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids and support
services for students with documented disabilities based upon the student’s disability documentation,
functional limitations and an intake process that collaboratively assesses student needs.
Obtaining Accommodation: The difference between High School and College
In High School…
I am protected under IDEA (Individuals
with Disabilities Education Act) as well as
ADA and Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act.
Section 504 requires a school district to
provide a free and appropriate public
School districts must identify students
who require accommodations.
School districts must provide
accommodations for all who qualify.
Accommodations are determined by the
IEP team.
School districts provide
accommodations that allow students to
be successful with their curriculum.
Your teachers will be informed about
your accommodation needs by learning
support services.
In College…
I am protected under Title II of the ADA
(Americans with Disabilities Act) and
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
Section 504 does not make this
requirement for post-secondary
Colleges are not responsible for
identification of students with
Students must request accommodations
and follow established procedures for
obtaining accommodations.
Accommodations are based upon your
disability and individual needs.
Colleges are not required to provide
accommodations which fundamentally
alter the nature of the program, lower
standards or that are an undue burden.
The college will not know about your
disability/needs unless you choose to
disclose that information.
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