FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 129

Policies & Regulations
4. Access to and Release of Records Without
The following persons and organizations
are considered “university officials” and may have
access to personally identifiable information without
the student’s prior consent:
a) Faculty, administrators, staff and consultants
employed by the University, the Florida
International University Board of Trustees, or the
Florida Board of Governors whose work involves:
1. Performance of administrative tasks which
relate to students;
2. Performance of supervisory or instructional
tasks which relate to students; or
3. Performance of services which benefit students.
b) Other persons who are authorized by federal and
state law and regulations to have access to or
receive copies of such information.
5. Directory Information.
a) It is the University’s policy to release and publish
directory information regarding its students.
“Directory Information” includes:
1. Student’s name, local and permanent address,
and telephone number(s);
2. Date and place of birth;
3. Student classification and major and minor
fields of study;
4. Participation in officially recognized activities
and sports;
5. Weight and height of members of athletic
6. Dates of attendance, degrees and awards
7. The most recent previous educational agency or
institution attended by the student; and
8. Photographic image.
b) In order to prevent access to or release of
directory information, a student, or the parents of a
dependent student, must so notify the designated
custodian of record in writing within the time
provided in the annual Notice of Rights. Access to,
or release of directory information will be withheld
until further written instruction is received from the
student, or the parents of a dependent student.
6. Requests to Amend Education Records.
a) Students who challenge the correctness of student
education records shall file a written request for
amendment with the custodian of the records. The
student shall also present to the custodian of the
records copies of all available evidence relating
to the data or material being challenged. The
custodian of the records shall consider the request
and shall notify the student in writing within fifteen
(15) school days whether the request will be
granted or denied.
During that time, any challenge may be settled
informally between the students, or the parents
of a dependent student and the custodian of the
records, in consultation with other appropriate
University officials. If an agreement is reached,
it shall be in writing and signed by all parties
involved. A copy of such agreement shall be
maintained in the student’s records. If an
agreement is not reached informally, or, if the
request for amendment is denied, then the student
or the parents of a dependent student shall be
informed in writing of the denial and the right to
a hearing on the matter. A student or the parents
of a dependent student shall not have the right
to challenge through this process the evaluation
reflected by a grade which an instructor has
assigned to student coursework.
b) Hearing Rights and Procedures.
1. Rights of Appeal. A student whose request
for amendment to education records has not
been settled or has been denied may file a
request for a hearing within thirty (30) days of
the receipt of the letter of denial. The request
shall be in writing and shall be filed with the
Vice President for Academic Affairs. The request
shall set forth the legal and factual basis for
seeking correction of the student’s education
records. Upon receipt, the Vice-President shall
appoint a disinterested University official to
serve as a hearing officer. The hearing officer
shall schedule a hearing within twenty-five (25)
days of the date of receipt of the request for
a hearing. The student shall be given written
notice of the time, date and place of the hearing
allowing sufficient time for the student to
prepare his or her appeal.
2. Hearing Procedures. The hearing shall be
informal in nature but shall afford the student
a full and fair opportunity to present evidence
relative to the issues raised in the appeal.
The student shall be entitled to be assisted
or represented by an individual of his or her
choice and expense, including an attorney. The
custodian of records shall have the same rights
as the student.
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