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Policies & Regulations
3. Women who abuse depressants during pregnancy
may give birth to babies who are physically
dependent. These babies often have birth defects,
behavioral problems, and may develop withdrawal
symptoms shortly after birth.
4. Large doses can cause slurred speech, impaired
coordination, and altered perception. Very large doses
can cause respiratory depression, coma, and death.
Even small doses of depressants, when combined
with alcohol, are likely to produce the symptoms
described above.
For more information, contact:
Department of Environmental Health & Safety
Location: CSC 146
Phone: 305-348-2621
Undergraduate and Graduate Students at Florida
International University are expected to adhere to the
highest standards of integrity in every aspect of their lives.
Honesty in academic matters is part of this obligation.
Academic integrity is the adherence to those special
values regarding life and work in an academic
community. Any act or omission by a student, which
violates this concept of academic integrity and
undermines the academic mission of the University, shall
be defined as academic misconduct and shall be subject
to the procedures and penalties that follow.
This Code of Academic Integrity was adopted by the
Student Government Association on November 28, 2001
and reflects the values articulated in the Student Code of
Florida International University is a community dedicated
to generating and imparting knowledge through excellent
teaching and research, the rigorous and respectful
exchange of ideas, and community service. All students
should respect the rights of others to have an equitable
opportunity to learn and to demonstrate the quality
of their learning. Therefore, all students are expected
to adhere to a standard of academic conduct, which
demonstrates respect for the learning environment, their
fellow students, and the educational mission of Florida
International University.
As a student of this university:
• I will be honest in my academic endeavors.
• I will not represent someone else’s work as my own.
• I will not cheat, nor will I aid in another’s cheating.
All students are deemed by the University to understand
that if they are found responsible for academic
misconduct, they will be subject to the Academic
Misconduct procedures and sanctions, as outlined in the
following procedures.
Academic misconduct is defined as the following
intentional acts or omissions committed by any FIU
The unauthorized use of books, notes, aids,
electronic sources; or unauthorized use of on-line exams,
library materials or assistance from another person
with respect to examinations, course assignments, field
service reports, class recitations; or the unauthorized
possession of examination papers (or on-line
examination) or course materials, whether originally
authorized or not. Any student helping another cheat may
be found guilty of academic misconduct.
The deliberate use and appropriation of
another’s work without any indication of the source and
the representation of such work as the student’s own.
Any student who fails to give credit for ideas, expressions
or materials taken from another source, including internet
sources, is guilty of plagiarism. Any student helping
another to plagiarize may be found guilty of academic
Intentionally lying to a member of
the faculty, staff, administration, or an outside agency
to gain academic advantage for oneself or another,
or to misrepresent or in other ways interfere with the
investigation of a charge of academic misconduct.
Misuse of Computer Services:
The unauthorized use
of any computer, computer resource or computer project
number, or the alteration or destruction of computerized
information or files or unauthorized appropriation of
another’s program(s).
The offering of money or any item or service to
a member of the faculty, staff, administration or any other
person in order to commit academic misconduct.
Conspiracy and Collusion:
The planning or acting with
one or more fellow students, any member of the faculty,
staff or administration, or any other person to commit any
form of academic misconduct together.
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