FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 137

Policies & Regulations
regardless of whether the Reporting Party makes a
report or seeks action under the Regulation.
Responding Party
is defined as any individual who
has been accused of violating the Regulation.
Protected Statuses
is defined as certain
characteristics possessed by an individual that have
been afforded protection by law, such as age, color,
creed, disability, gender, gender expression, gender
identity, genetic information, national origin, race,
religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.
is defined as the number of years from the date
of a person’s birth. With respect to employment,
individuals who are forty (40) years of age or older are
protected from Discrimination and Harassment. There
is no age threshold for students or other participants in
educational programs or activities.
is defined as an individual’s skin pigmentation,
complexion, shade, or tone.
is defined as a well-formed and thought-out
set of beliefs held by more than one individual, which
may not necessarily involve belief in a supreme being.
The University will accommodate an individual’s
observances and practices required by their creed
unless it is unable to reasonably accommodate an
individual’s creed-required observance or practice
without undue hardship.
is defined as any person who has a
physical or mental impairment that substantially
limits one or more major life activities; or has a
record of such impairment; or is regarded as having
such impairment. A qualified person with a disability
must be able to perform the essential functions
of the employment or the academic, athletic, or
extra- curricular program, with or without reasonable
is defined as an individual’s socially
constructed status based on the behavioral, cultural,
or psychological traits typically associated with societal
attribution of masculinity and femininity, typically
related to one’s assigned sex at birth
Gender Expression
is defined as how someone
expresses gender through appearance, behavior, or
mannerisms. A person’s Gender Expression may or
may not be the same as the Gender Identity or Gender.
Gender Identity
is defined as the Gender with which
an individual identifies psychologically regardless of
what Gender was assigned at birth.
Genetic Information
is defined as the information
i. an individual’s genetic tests,
ii. the genetic tests of family members of such
individual, and
iii. the manifestation of a disease or disorder in
family members of such individual. Genetic
Information includes, with respect to any
individual, any request for, or receipt of, genetic
services, or participation in clinical research that
includes genetic services by such individual or
any family member of such individual.
National Origin
is defined as an individual’s actual or
perceived country or ethnicity of origin.
is defined as an individual’s actual or perceived
racial or ethnic ancestry or physical characteristics
associated with a person’s race, such as a person’s
color, hair, facial features, height, and weight.
is defined as all aspects of religious
observance and practice as well as belief.
is defined as an individual’s biological status
of male or female, including pregnancy. Conduct of
a sexual nature is by definition based on Sex as a
Protected Status.
Sexual Orientation
is defined as the inclination
or capacity to develop intimate emotional, spiritual,
physical, and/or sexual relationships with people of
the same Sex or Gender, a different Sex or Gender, or
irrespective of Sex or Gender.
Veteran's Status
is defined as disabled veterans,
special disabled veterans, Veterans of the Vietnam era,
and other protected Veterans as defined by federal and
state law.
Prohibited Conduct
is defined as misconduct based
on any form of Discrimination and Harassment based
on a Protected Status and Domestic Violence, Dating
Violence, Stalking, Complicity, and Retaliation.
Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment
is defined
as those incidents that are sufficiently pervasive,
persistent, or severe that a reasonable person would
be adversely affected to a degree that interferes
with his/her ability to participate in or to realize the
intended benefits of a University activity, employment,
or resources.
Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment includes:
i. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual
favors and other verbal, physical, or electronic
conduct of a sexual nature that creates a hostile,
intimidating, or abusive environment;
ii. Verbal, physical, or electronic conduct based
on Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation, or sex-
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