Fox Valley Technical College | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 186

Campus Services
Books, supplies, convenience items, and School spirit merchandise are sold in the FVTC Bookstore
located on the Appleton and Oshkosh Riverside Campuses. These stores offer a complete selection of
new and used textbooks for sale or rent. Bring the class “study list” with state course numbers when
purchasing your books and materials. You will also need to bring an FVTC photo student ID with
you. Books can be purchased online at or at either location. In Appleton, call (920)
735-4732 or Oshkosh (920) 236-6198 for hours of operation. The full refund policy is posted at fvtc.
Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards located on the college campuses are for student organizations and departmental use only
to promote internal events or events sponsored by the various college departments or organizations.
Types of items that may be posted on Fox Valley Technical College’s bulletin boards include club news,
Student Government information, college events and announcements and student events. Items for sale,
rooms for rent, and ride share information can be posted on the swap board located near the Commons
on the Appleton campus or online by going to the online swap board at
. There is
limited space for community events, therefore any promotion for external events must be approved and
stamped by the Student Life Center. Businesses may not post information. Businesses may contact
Student Employment Services for job postings. Departments and student organizations are required
to post their own information on the bulletin boards. External events posted without approval, will be
removed immediately. Items posted should not be stapled to the bulletin boards. Push pins are available
in Student Life.
Bus Transportation
Bussing for Appleton and Oshkosh available through their respective city transit services. Bus
transportation is available between Appleton and Oshkosh as well. A bus schedule and route maps are
available in Student Life on the Appleton campus or the main office on the Oshkosh Riverside campus.
Bussing is free for all currently enrolled FVTC students with an updated Student ID.
Copy Machines/Faxes
Copy machines are available in the Student Success Center for color and black and white copies. These
copies can be charged to the student’s printing allowance. Black and white copies can be made in the
Students on the Appleton campus may fax information in the Student Life Center (Room E137). A copy
machine and fax machine are available for student use in the Student Success Center on the Oshkosh
Riverside campus.
and select “Printing and
Community First Credit Union
A full-service financial institution is located on the Appleton Campus near Entrance 10. Students can
open checking & savings accounts, apply for loans, and get help with financial questions. Community
First is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Friday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.
Community First Credit Union provides a FEE FREE ATM near the Commons.
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