Fox Valley Technical College | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 189

Wisconsin TechConnect
Wisconsin (WI) TechConnect is the employment information system for Wisconsin’s technical college
students and graduates aimed at connecting them with employers. Full access is available to all FVTC
graduates and current FVTC students actively enrolled in an associate degree or technical diploma
program. Others can still view job listings on the site by accessing it on any FVTC campus or regional
center computer.
WI TechConnect offers students the following services:
1. Employer Job Listings:
Students and graduates can receive program-related job notification
emails. Students and graduates will also have online access to all full-time, part-time and
internship, and work study job listings from all programs.
2. Resume Posting:
Students and graduates can post their resume on their WI TechConnect account.
When an employer posts a job, they are able to view student resumes from matching and similar
To register, go to
and fill out the online registration form.
Employment References
Students requesting an FVTC staff member to be an employment reference need to have a signed copy of
the Employment Reference Form on file. The Employment Reference Form can be obtained in person in
the Employment Connections office or by going to MyFVTC and clicking “Student Forms & Policies.”
Enrollment Services
Enrollment Services is located by Entrance 10 on the Appleton Campus and in Student Services on the
Oshkosh Riverside campus. This office provides up-to-date information on all programs, admission and
application procedures, and information relating to other areas of the college.
Financial Aid
The Financial Aid office provides information about financial aid opportunities and eligibility. Although
the major responsibility for financing a college education resides with the student, FVTC is here to help
students of any age find ways to meet their educational costs. Assistance may be in the form of grants,
scholarships, loans, employment or a combination of these. For a full list of resources related to Financial
Aid, visit
Financial Wellness Center
The Financial Wellness Center offered a variety of services to meet the individual needs of students.
Options include one-on-one counseling and regularly scheduled group workshops. Call or stop by if you
have a questions or would like to schedule and appointment. Contact the Financial Wellness Center at
920-735-4855 or go to
Fire and Tornado Drills
Fire and Tornado drills will be conducted periodically on each campus. When the fire alarm sounds,
everyone must leave the building through the nearest exit. Once outside, everyone should move away
from the building and stand bye near the blue overhead evacuation signs posted in the parking lots.
Do not reenter until directed to by authorized personnel.
When an announcement for a tornado occurs, everyone must report to a shelter area in the corridors or
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