Fox Valley Technical College | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 190

rooms on the first floor. These areas are designated by overhead green shelter signs. Elevators should be
used ONLY by disabled individuals and their assistants. No one is to leave the building unless directed
to do so by authorized, personnel.
Fitness Center
The college has a Fitness Center that supports the concept of total wellness of mind, body and spirit.
The Fitness Center is located in Room E170 on the Appleton campus and features a variety of exercise
equipment available for free use by students and staff (This does not include family members). Shower
facilities and locker rooms are also located near the Fitness Center. The Fitness Center is open from
7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. In addition, equipment
orientations, fitness assessments, on-site group fitness classes, and monthly wellness incentive programs
are some of the services offered. The Fitness Center is staffed Monday-Friday by the Wellness
Coordinator. To contact the Fitness Center or the Wellness Coordinator please call (920) 996-2884 or
for additional information. You can also receive updates from the Facebook
page FVTCFitnessCenter or from the website.
Food Service
Food Service is offered through the Culinary Arts department on the Appleton campus. It features a wide
variety of menu selections which include a breakfast menu, daily lunch selections offering fast food,
complete meals, a salad bar, soups and desserts. The Sundowner Subs & Deli is open from 1:00-7:00
p.m. Monday through Thursday during the academic year. Reservations are available in the Ione’s Dining
Room on the Appleton campus for table service on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday and Thursday
lunches. Reservations may be made by calling (920) 996-2922. A vending area is also available on the
Appleton campus.
Global Education Opportunities
Learn locally, act globally and connect to the world though FVTC. Take advantage of Global Education
(elective) classes and opportunities to improve your competitive advantage.
• 12 World Languages: Arabic, French, German, Hmong, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese,
Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Intensive English.
• Earn a FVTC Certificate: Global Business, Intercultural RelationsSpanish or Spanish Healthcare,
Teach English, or Spanish-English Medical Interpretation
• Have you ever wondered what the media tends not to discuss? Enroll in Global Understanding.
To learn more, visit:
• Study Abroad and make the World Your Classroom! Summer, Semester and Year Abroad
opportunities available:
• Be active-International Exchange Club
• Host or mentor an international student and experience the world through your student.
Learn more at:
, call (920) 735-4810, or stop in the Global Education & Services
Office, Appleton Campus.
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