FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 114

Policies & Regulations
(c) Applicable Laws and Regulations: Individuals shall
adhere to all applicable state and local laws related to
the sale or consumption of alcohol. These include, but
are not limited to the following:
1. It is unlawful for any person to assist an underage
person to purchase or attempt to obtain alcoholic
2. It is unlawful for any underage person to falsify a
driver’s license or other identification document
in order to obtain or attempt to obtain alcoholic
3. It is unlawful for any person to permit use of his/
her driver’s license or any other identification
document, by an underage person, to purchase or
attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages.
4. The burden of proof to demonstrate satisfaction
of the legal drinking age requirement is the
responsibility of the person desiring alcohol service.
5. It is the responsibility of the server, at the time that
an alcoholic beverage is requested to check the
photo ID or wristband of persons to be served, or
otherwise verify the age of the person to whom
alcohol is to be served. Servers reserve the right to
deny service.
6. Transportation of any alcoholic beverages on
University premises shall be in unopened containers.
a) Advertisement and promotion of the use or
consumption of alcohol at any event or activity is
prohibited, unless written approval of the content
of the advertisement, the size, location and method
of distribution of the promotional material are, each
and all, specifically reviewed and approved by the
Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee.
Approval shall be granted based on conformance with
the requirements set forth in paragraph (3)(c) of this
b) The following conditions shall also apply:
1. Event sponsors, who are also producers, sellers
or distributors of alcoholic beverages shall not be
recognized on printed or promotional materials
unless authorized by the Vice President of Student
Affairs or his/her designee pursuant to paragraph
(3)(a) of this regulation.
2. Event sponsors, their subsidiaries, partners,
or affiliated companies, which are recognized
distributors or marketers of alcohol shall not be
recognized on promotional materials for specific
events where their products are sold or served, or
at concurrent events on University premises, unless
authorized by the Vice President of Student Affairs
pursuant to paragraph (3)(a) of this regulation.
c) Event planners or University administrators seeking
approval for advertising or promotion of the use or
consumption of alcohol on University premises shall
assure that advertisements and promotional materials
satisfy the following minimum requirements prior to
requesting approval:
1. Advertisement for alcohol shall not promote the
irresponsible use of alcohol.
2. Advertisement shall not encourage behavior or
activities that directly conflict with the requirements
of this regulation.
3. Advertisement shall not use alcohol as an
inducement to participate in a University event and
shall not offer alcohol as a prize or gift in any form
of contest, raffle, game, or competition.
4. Social events that encourage drinking, drinking
contests, or alcoholic intoxication, and the
advertisement of any such events are strictly
5. General promotional materials, including advertising
for any University sponsored event shall not make
reference to the availability of alcoholic beverages
unless the event is sponsored by the School of
Hospitality Management in association with the FIU
Beverage Management Program.
6. Advertising for any event sponsored by the FIU
School of Hospitality Management where alcoholic
beverages will be served and its availability
is identified in the promotional material, shall
specifically mention the availability of non-alcoholic
beverages as prominently as the availability of
alcoholic beverages.
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be brought
into FIU Stadium. Beer can be purchased at designated
concession stands inside the Stadium. Fans must be 21
years of age or older with a valid I.D. to purchase alcohol.
There is a limit of two beers that may be purchased at a
time (limit of four during the event) and the sale of alcohol
will conclude at the end of the third quarter. Sections 120
and 129 are alcohol free sections and the consuming of
alcoholic beverages is prohibited in these sections.
Alcohol sales are allowed to the general public for outside
events at FIU Stadium and points of sales are located
throughout the stadium concession stands. Must be 21
or older to purchase alcohol with a valid I.D. and there is
a limit of 2 beverages per sale per person.
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