FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 112

Policies & Regulations
in university residence halls. Following the same
process, the Vice President or designee will implement
the involuntary withdrawal policy for students deemed
incapable of residing in university residence halls.
(NO. FIU-2505)
a) This regulation shall govern the possession, service,
sale, consumption and distribution of alcohol at all
Florida International University sponsored events and
activities; at all facilities operated under the jurisdiction
of the University; to any, and all faculty, staff and
students of the University, and their guests attending
such events and activities.
b) All activities, locations and individuals, referenced
above, shall be governed by, and held accountable to
the most stringent requirements of the appropriate
state and federal laws, local county ordinances
regarding alcohol, and/or this University regulation.
c) Definitions:
1. The term “alcohol” or “alcoholic beverage”, as used
in this regulation, includes beer, wine, hard liquor,
distilled spirits, mixed drinks, and other beverages
containing ethyl alcohol.
2. The term “sponsored by”, as used in this
regulation, includes all events and activities, on
or off University Premises, supported wholly or in
part through funding, services or resources of any
University budget entity.
3. The term “individual”, as used in this regulation,
includes any employee, student, volunteer or agent
of the University, and their invited guests.
4. The term “University premises”, as used in this
regulation, includes any facility, vessel, vehicle
or real estate, whether owned, leased, rented
or temporarily assigned, which is managed and
operated under the authority of the University or an
authorized agent of the University.
d) No individual under the legal drinking age (minimum
of 21 years of age) may possess, serve, sell, consume,
or distribute alcohol on University premises, unless
specifically engaged in an approved and supervised
academic program, which does not involve the actual
ingestion of alcohol by an individual under the legal
drinking age.
e) No individual may serve or otherwise provide alcohol,
for consumption, to individuals under the legal
drinking age of 21 years.
a) Where all other regulation requirements have been
satisfied, the approval process for the service, sale or
distribution of alcohol on University premises shall be
as follows:
1. A written document, contract or agreement,
facility reservation form, memo or letter describing
the type of event, number of attendees, and
appropriate event controls shall be submitted to
the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her
designee for approval, at least two weeks prior
to the scheduled date. Approval shall be granted
based on demonstrated intent to comply with the
requirements set forth in paragraphs (2)(b) and (2)
(c) of this regulation. The sale or service of alcohol
on University premises in the absence of this
approval is a direct violation of this regulation.
2. Alcoholic beverages may be sold or served only
by trained and service providers with appropriate
3. Any sale of alcohol on University premises shall
be in accordance with the requirements of the
University’s terms of agreement with the contracted
food service provider for the University.
Although the Vice President of Student Affairs
or his/her designee may approve the sale of alcohol
on University premises, only the Division of Alcoholic
Beverages and Tobacco can issue the required legal
permit to sell alcohol in the State of Florida.
4. Upon satisfaction of all legal and regulation
requirements, the service and sale of alcoholic
beverages on University premises are limited to
the locations identified below, or those otherwise
authorized in writing under terms specified within
said authorization by the Vice President of Student
Affairs or his/her designee:
a) All locations specified on the alcoholic beverage
license of the University’s food service contractor.
b) Modesto Madique Campus: Graham Center (GC)
including the Ballrooms; The Faculty Club; Chili’s
Too; The Panther Suite; The Cafeteria (Fresh
Food Company) & Food Court; The GC Forum
& The Pit; The US Century Bank Arena & The
Athletic fields/ facilities and the FIU Stadium,
Betty B. Chapman Plaza (Fountain area bordered
on the North by the GC – on the West by the
PC building and on the Southeast by the Gold
Parking Garage), The Frost Art Museum (and
adjacent areas in PC); The Wertheim Performing
Arts Center; The Ronald Reagan Presidential
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