FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 140

Policies & Regulations
Responsible Employee
is defined as any employee
who has the authority to take action to redress
sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence
and/or stalking; who has been given the duty of
reporting incidents of sexual violence or any other
misconduct by students to the Title IX coordinator or
other appropriate school designee; or who has been
designated as Campus Security Authority.
Campus Security Authorities
is defined as those
University employees who have a duty of reporting
incidents of behavior that may constitute a Clery
Crime to the Clery Coordinator (e.g., members of
the University Police Department and those officials
with significant responsibility for student and campus
activities). An official with significant responsibility for
student and campus activities is defined as any person
who has the authority and the duty to take action or
respond to particular issues on behalf of the institution.
Examples of Campus Security Authorities include:
• the Dean of Students
• the Director of Campus Life
• any Residential Life professionals (e.g., Resident
• staff at the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict
Resolution who oversee the student conduct
• the athletic coaches
• a faculty advisor to a student organization
Clery Crimes
are defined as:
(i) Primary crimes include:
(A) Criminal homicide (i.e., murder, non-
negligent manslaughter, negligent
(B) Sex offenses (i.e., rape, fondling, incest,
statutory rape)
(C) Robbery
(D) Aggravated assault
(E) Burglary
(F) Motor vehicle theft, and
(G) Arson
(ii) Arrests and referrals for disciplinary actions,
(A) arrests for liquor law violations, drug law
violations, and illegal weapons possession.
(B) Persons not included (ii)(A) above but were
referred for campus disciplinary action for
liquor law violations, drug law violations, and
illegal weapons possession.
(iii) Hate crimes including:
(1) Larceny-theft
(2) Simple assault
(3) Intimidation, and
(4) Destruction/damage/vandalism of property.
To constitute a hate crime, it must appear that
the Reporting Party was intentionally selected
because of the perpetrator’s bias against the
Reporting Party. Bias includes the Reporting
Party’s actual or perceived Race, Religion,
Gender, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation,
Ethnicity, National Origin, and Disability.
(iv) Dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking
Response Team
is defined as a group of designated
individuals who respond to a report of sexual
misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and/
or stalking.
is defined as a person who is under the age
of 18 years old.
Preponderance of the Evidence
is defined as
when the information that is presented supports a
finding that it is more likely than not that a violation
A. Discrimination and Harassment Based on All
Protected Statuses Prohibited
This Regulation prohibits all forms of Discrimination and
Harassment based on an individual’s Protected Status,
including, Age, Color, Creed, Disability, Gender, Gender
Expression, Gender Identity, Genetic Information, National
Origin, Race, Religion, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Veteran's
Status and/or any other legally protected status. In
addition, this Regulation prohibits related misconduct,
including Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking,
Complicity, and/or Retaliation.
This Regulation prohibits Discrimination, meaning any
unlawful distinction, preference, or detriment to an
individual as compared to others that is based on an
individual’s Protected Status and that is sufficiently
serious to unreasonably interfere with or limit:
• An employee’s or applicant for employment’s
access to employment or conditions and benefits
of employment (e.g., hiring, advancement,
assignment); or
• A student’s or admission applicant’s ability to
participate in, access, or benefit from educational
programs, services, or activities (e.g., admission,
academic standing, grades, assignment, campus
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