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Policies & Regulations
Resolution/Deputy Title IX Coordinator at the same time.
The Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution/
Deputy Title IX Coordinator will determine whether the
Responding Party should be charged with a violation of
the Student Code of Conduct and will advise the Title IX
Coordinator accordingly. If such determination is made,
the Student Code of Conduct will govern the process. See
FIU Regulation 2501 at:
A. Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity Office
The Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity Office
has primary responsibility for administering this
Regulation and oversees the investigation, response
to, and resolution of all reports of Prohibited Conduct;
however, questions, concerns, and/or reports may also be
addressed to any member of the Response Team.
Title IX Coordinator
The University has a designated the Director of the
Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity as the Title
IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator oversees the
University’s investigation, response to, and resolution of
all reports of Prohibited Conduct based on sex (including
Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment and Sexual Violence),
Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking, and
of related Complicity and Retaliation involving students,
faculty, and staff. The Title IX Coordinator is:
• Knowledgeable and trained in University policies
and procedures and relevant state and federal laws;
• Available to advise any individual, including a
Reporting Party, a Responding Party, or a third party
about University and community resources and
reporting options;
• Available to provide assistance to any University
employee regarding how to respond appropriately
to a report of Title IX-related Prohibited Conduct,
Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking, and/or
related Retaliation;
• Participates in ensuring the effective
implementation of this Regulation, including
monitoring compliance with all procedural
requirements, recordkeeping, and timeframes;
• Responsible for overseeing training, prevention, and
education efforts and annual reviews of climate and
culture; and
• Maintains all discrimination reports.
Inquiries or concerns about Title IX may be referred to
the University’s Title IX Coordinator. Concerns about the
University’s application of Title IX under this Regulation
may be addressed to the United States Department of
Education, Office for Civil Rights:
Title IX Coordinator Office for Civil Rights
Shirlyon McWhorter (800) 421-3481
(305) 348-2785 Email:
B. Response Team
A report of Prohibited Conduct may be made to any
designated person or by any method included in the
Reporting Option section above. Members of the
Response Team can help any University community
member understand the Regulation and the options
for resolving concerns raised under this Regulation
in academic or work settings at the University. The
Response Team will attempt to protect and safeguard the
privacy of all individuals involved in a manner consistent
with the need for a careful assessment of and response
to the report.
The Response Team consists of a small “need to know”
number of individuals. Depending on the roles (e.g., student,
faculty, and staff) of the Reporting Party and the Responding
Party, the Response Team includes the following:
• Title IX Coordinator
• Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution Director/
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
• Dean of Students
• Director of Victim Empowerment Program
• Director of Residential Life
• Assistant Chief of Police of the University Police
• Vice President for Academic Affairs
• Senior Associate Athletic Director/Deputy Title IX
• Other administrators as needed depending on the
facts and circumstances of the case.
C. How to Get Help In the Event of an Emergency
Anyone who has experienced Sexual Violence, Domestic
Violence, Dating Violence, and/or Stalking is urged to
immediately seek help. In life threatening situations, dial
911. Other help includes seeking medical assistance,
seeking confidential counseling or crisis response, filing
a report with law enforcement, and making a report
to the University. FIU Police Department will help any
individual get to a safe place, provide transportation to
the hospital, contact another law enforcement agency,
and offer information about the University’s resources
and processes. Information about the difference between
Reporting Options and confidential resources is listed
Florida International University • campuslife.fiu.edu
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