FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 152

Policies & Regulations
Late Fees.
If a university citation is not paid or
appealed in the time provided by this regulation, a
$5.00 late fee shall be assessed in addition to the
fine established for the violation. The assessment
of the late fee shall not preclude the University from
enforcing these regulations through alternative
means such as preventing registration, withholding
transcripts, withholding of diploma, towing and/
or immobilizing the vehicle. Finally, the outstanding
balance will be sent to a collection agency and
additional fees will be assessed.
Remedies for Failure to Pay Fines.
In addition
to the assessment of a late charge fee, and other
penalties as provided in this regulation, the following
remedies are available to the University:
1. Student debts may be referred to a collection
2. Prevent student registration.
3. Withhold issuance of transcripts or degrees.
4. Use of vehicle immobilizer, tow and/or impound the
person’s vehicle.
5. Take other action as permissible pursuant to the
University collection policy
Responsibility for Citations
. The person who
registers a motor vehicle with the Department of
Parking and Transportation assumes responsibility
for all citations issued to that vehicle. If the motor
vehicle has not been registered with the Department
of Parking and Transportation then the person(s) in
whose name the motor vehicle is registered with
the State Department of Highway Safety and Motor
Vehicles shall be held responsible for citations issued
to the vehicle. Employees of FIU operating state
university vehicles and golf-carts shall be responsible
for citations issued to such vehicle(s).
Procedures for Payment of Fines and Appeals:
A person to whom a citation has been issued shall
have ten (10) business days from the date of issuance
to respond to the citation either by paying the fine
or by filing an appeal. If payment or request for an
appeal is not received within the allotted time, a
$5.00 late fee shall be assessed, and the University
may take any authorized action to enforce the penalty.
Payment of Fines.
Fines may be paid by credit
card through the Florida International University
website URL
or in person
at the Department of Parking and Transportation by
check, money order, cash, the FIU One Card, or credit
card. Alternatively, payments may be mailed to the
Department of Parking and Transportation located on
Modesto A. Maidique Campus. All payments sent by
mail should include the payee's Panther ID number if
applicable, and citation number(s).
Appeals Process and Procedures.
Appeals of
citations for university parking infractions and towing/
vehicle immobilization fees may be instituted by
filing an appeal through the Florida International
University website URL
or at
the Department of Parking and Transportation using
the “Florida International University Department of
Parking and Transportation CITATION APPEAL FORM”,
Form PT #04 Appeal Form. The completed Citation
Appeal Form must include a current mailing address
or email address where notices can be sent to and
received by the Appellant. Completed Citation Appeal
Forms will be forwarded by the Department of Parking
and Transportation to an Appeal Hearing Officer for
review and decision. Appeals should only be filed if a
legitimate basis exists. The following reasons are not
considered legitimate basis for filing an appeal:
i. Disagreement with the Parking & Transportation
Rules and Regulations.
ii. Ignorance of the regulations.
iii. Stated inability to find a permitted parking
iv. Operation of the vehicle by another individual.
v. Failure to issue citations previously for similar
vi. Tardiness to class and/or appointment.
vii. Inability to pay fine.
viii. Received incorrect verbal information from a
non FIU Parking and Transportation employee.
ix. Observing others illegally parked.
x. Not paying for sufficient metered time.
Appeal Hearing Officer Procedures.
Hearing Officers will receive and evaluate appeals.
They will be guided by the Parking Regulations
and shall consider any relevant circumstances, as
articulated in the appeal, in making their decision(s).
Appeal Hearing Officers may request further
information or interview the appellant, witnesses
or the citing officer. Appeals will be reviewed and
appellants notified in writing.
Appeal Hearing Officer Decisions.
The Appeal
Hearing Officer's decision shall contain findings
of fact and be reduced to writing and a copy shall
be furnished to the appellant by the Department of
Parking and Transportation. If your appeal is denied,
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