FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 150

Policies & Regulations
program. Please visit the Parking & Transportation
website. All registrants must have a current FIU virtual
permit and must be affiliated with the university.
Metered Parking
. Metered parking is available
throughout the University at a cost of 25 cents per 15
minutes. A current FIU virtual permit does not entitle the
driver to park in a metered parking space without paying
the appropriate fee, unless otherwise specified on the
Deactivated Virtual Permits
. A virtual permit may be
deactivated if the Transportation Access Fee is not paid
for the current semester. Vehicles found on campus with
a deactivated virtual permit, or multiple vehicles found on
campus with the same virtual permit, will be ticketed and
the vehicle is subject to immobilization and/or towing at
vehicle owner’s expense.
Permits, Traffic and Parking Regulations, Garage
Parking and Golf Cart.
Permit Regulations
1. Maintaining a Permit. Every motor vehicle parked on
University property must maintain a valid permit or
use metered parking.
2. Disabled Permits. Parking areas designated as
disabled are enforced at all times and a current state
issued disabled placard/hang-tag and/or license plate
must be visible and properly displayed. Misuse of a
disabled placard may result in the immobilization and/
or towing of the vehicle at owner’s expense.
Traffic and Parking Regulations
1. Speed Limit. The speed limit on University property
is 25 miles per hour on main roads unless otherwise
posted. The speed limit is 5 mph inside the garage
and in surface lots.
2. Right-of-Way. Pedestrians and wildlife have the
right-of-way over motor vehicles, including golf-carts.
Pedestrians must use crosswalks when crossing a
3. Parking areas may be restricted by permit
classification, time or purpose and shall be considered
no parking zones to those individuals who do not
fall within the restriction of the permit classification.
Parking on lawns, landscaped areas, sidewalks,
or other areas not specifically designated by signs
or curb markings as parking areas is a violation.
The absence of a “No Parking” sign does not mean
parking is permissible in an area. Changes in
designated parking areas shall become effective at
such time as signage or other identifying markings
are posted. The following parking restrictions are
found in areas on the University’s campuses.
a. Exec
b. Admin
c. Faculty/Staff
d. Student
e. Metered
f. Disabled
g. Disabled Modified Vehicles
h. Motorcycle/Motorbike/Moped
i. State Vehicles
j. Time Limit Parking
k. Housing Parking
l. Service/Delivery
m. Golf Cart
n. Carpool
o. Electric Vehicle
p. Clinic Spaces
r. MCH
Access vehicles.
No motor vehicles, other than police,
emergency, or golf carts may be operated or parked
at any time on the walkways, grass, service areas,
driveways or other prohibited zones, except where
specifically permitted by signage. No motor vehicle,
motorcycle or other type of vehicle, including a bicycle,
shall be parked in such a way as to create a hazard
obstruction to traffic or access. Temporary parking areas
may be designated in grass areas by the placement of
delineating signs, bumper blocks or other identifying
marks. Parking adjacent to any University building shall
be prohibited except as identified by authorized signs.
4. Non-permitted vehicles left for more than three
(3) consecutive days without prior approval from
the Department of Parking and Transportation, or
which are apparently abandoned shall be subject to
immobilization, towing, and/or impoundment, and
ultimately disposed of at the owner’s expense. The
University does not assume any responsibility for
motor vehicle or their contents while they are parked
on campus. Major repairs to vehicles shall not be
performed on either campus.
5. Skateboarding and rollerblading are prohibited in
parking areas.
Golf-Cart Regulations
1. Golf-carts are restricted by Florida International
University for use on University premises only by
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