FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 148

Policies & Regulations
Emergency Response
Call 911
FIU|MMC Police
(305) 348-5911
FIU|BBC Police
(305) 919-5911
Other Agencies Not Affiliated with
FIU that can be Contacted for
Emergency Assistance
Sweetwater Police Department
(305) 552-9900
Miami-Dade Police Department
(305) 476-5423
Medical Treatment
FIU Student Health Services
(305) 348-2401
(305) 919-5620
Other Agencies Not Affiliated with FIU
that can be Contacted for Medical
Rape Treatment Center
(305) 585-5185
Confidential Counseling &
Crisis Response
FIU Counseling and
Psychological Services (CAPS)
MMC | SHC 270
(305) 348-2277
BBC | WUC 320
(305) 919-5305
Victim Empowerment Program
24 Hour Hotline | (305) 348-3000
FIU Office of Employee
MMC | GL473
BBC | AC1 203
(305) 348-2469
Retaliation is expressly prohibited by this Regulation,
and the University will take immediate and responsive
action to any report of Retaliation or any violation of
Interim Protective Measures. During the investigation and
resolution of violations of this Regulation that are alleged
in good faith, reasonable steps will be taken to protect
the Reporting Party, the Responding Party, and other
participants in the reporting, investigation, and resolution
process from Retaliation. Any individual who engages
in Retaliation will be subject to prompt and appropriate
disciplinary action. Individuals who have a concern
about potential or actual Retaliation should contact the
Title IX Coordinator for assistance in addressing the
concern. If the concern about Retaliation involves the
Equal Opportunity Programs/Diversity Office or Title IX
Coordinator, an individual may contact the Vice President
of Human Resources.
The University is committed to offering educational
programs to promote awareness and prevention of
Prohibited Conduct. Educational programs include an
overview of the University’s policies and procedures;
relevant definitions, including prohibited conduct,
discussion of the impact of alcohol and illegal drug
use; Consent; safe and positive options for bystander
intervention; review of resources and reporting options
available for students, faculty, and staff; and information
about risk reduction. Incoming first year students and
new employees will be offered primary prevention and
awareness programming as part of their orientation.
Returning students and employees will also have ongoing
opportunities for training and education. The Title IX
Coordinator maintains an education and prevention
calendar and tailor programming to campus needs and
climate. Online training programs can be accessed
through the Division of Human Resources Talent
Management and Development’s website at:
As part of the University’s commitment to provide an
educational and work environment free from Prohibited
Conduct, this Regulation will be disseminated widely to
the University community through email communication,
publications, websites, new employee orientations,
student orientations, and other appropriate channels of
This Regulation is maintained by the Equal Opportunity
Programs and Diversity office. The Equal Opportunity
Programs and Diversity Office and Title IX Coordinator will
review this Regulation on at least an annual basis, with
the assistance of an advisory group consisting of student,
faculty, staff, and community representatives selected by
senior leadership of that office. The review will capture
evolving legal requirements, evaluate the supports
and resources available to the parties, and assess the
effectiveness of the resolution process (including the
fairness of the process, the time needed to complete the
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