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Policies & Regulations
process, and the sanctions and remedies imposed). The
review will include the opportunity for individuals affected
by the Regulation to provide feedback and will incorporate
an aggregate view of reports, resolution, and climate. The
Title IX Coordinator will prepare an annual report, publicly
available, which will include recommendations and
steps taken to improve the delivery of services and the
effectiveness of the Regulation and procedures.
Questions about this Regulation should be directed to
Shirlyon McWhorter, the Title IX Coordinator and Director
of the Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity office
at Florida International University Modesto A. Maidique
Campus PC 321 11200 S.W. 8th Street Miami Florida.
The telephone number for the Equal Opportunity
Programs and Diversity office is 305.348.2785. The fax
number is 305.348.3459. The Title IX Coordinator's email
address is
The Title IX Coordinator has appointed the following
people as Deputy Title IX Coordinators:
• Dr. Kristen Kawczynski, Director of the Student
Conduct and Conflict Resolution Department. Her
contact information is: (305) 348-3939. Her email
address is
• Julie Berg, Senior Associate Athletic Director. Her
contact information is: (305) 348-2352 Her email
address is:
Specific Authority: Board of Governors Regulation 1.001
(5)(a). History—Formerly FIU-104 (repealed) and FIU-103
(repealed). New April 15, 2015.
Below are the parking regulations pertaining to students.
For complete regulations see University Traffic and
Parking Regulations, FIU-1105, located at:
General. This regulation is applicable to all persons
who operate or park a motor vehicle on the campuses
of Florida International University. Every motor vehicle
parked in a non-meter space on University property
must maintain a valid permit. All Miami-Dade County
traffic and parking ordinances which are not in conflict
or inconsistent with University regulations shall extend
and be applicable to the University’s campuses. The
Department of Parking and Transportation is authorized
and empowered to enforce all university traffic and
parking regulations as per Florida Statute Section
1006.66. Copies of the University traffic and parking
regulations are available from the Department of Parking
and Transportation, and through the Florida International
University website URL
. The
University assumes no liability for vehicles parked or
operated on University property. The issuance of a permit
does not guarantee space availability at a preferred
Virtual Permits. Florida International University is utilizing
virtual parking permits for vehicles parking on its
License Plate Recognition. Florida International University
utilizes license plate recognition hardware and software
(LPR) for parking systems management.
Registration of Motor Vehicles.
Vehicles used by members of the faculty, staff, students,
(full or part-time), concessionaire employees and others
who park at a non-metered location on campus must
be registered with the Department of Parking and
Transportation during the first day the vehicle is on
campus. Registration can be completed online at URL
or at the Parking and Transportation
Offices located at the Modesto A. Maidique (MMC) and
Biscayne Bay Campuses (BBC).
Students Virtual Permit Classifications Include:
Students employed as faculty or staff at the University
may elect to purchase a “STAFF” virtual permit at the
cost according to the classification. A one semester
virtual permit for each classification is available during an
academic school year.
1. Student – A “STUDENT” virtual permit will be issued
by the Department of Parking and Transportation to
each student who is currently enrolled and has paid
the transportation access fee or meets the criteria
established by Florida Statutes 1009.25; 1009.26
and 1009.265 governing Educational Scholarships,
Fees and Financial Assistance, fee exemptions,
fee waivers and State employee fee waivers. A
Transportation Access Fee is assessed to all students
per semester as part of their enrollment fees except
for students registered for a fully online degree
program, students using tuition waiver, or otherwise
classified as exempt.
2. Resident Student – A “HOUSING” virtual permit will be
granted to those students who reside in on-campus
3. Housing Garage – An “H-GARAGE” daily or semester
virtual permit will be issued to those who desire a
higher level of parking service at the housing garage.
4. ROTC – A “ROTC” virtual permit is available to non-
FIU students registered in the program.
Carpool permits.
Carpool permits are available for those
employees and students who register for the car sharing
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