FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 106

Housing & Residential Life
Unit Type
Maximum occupancy allowed
4 bed units:
8 people
3 bed units:
6 people
2 bed units:
4 people
1 bed unit:
2 people
Housing and Residential Life staff reserve the right to disperse a gathering when residents or guests are in violation of
any University or Housing policy.
Participating in sporting activities in units, hallways, courtyards, lounges, breezeways and lobbies is prohibited.
Unauthorized presence in, or unauthorized use of university property, facilities, or restricted areas is prohibited.
(See Policy and Regulations Section for more information) for the safety of our residents, weapons, firearms and
explosives of any form are not allowed in the Residence Halls.
Section 11.Facilities Maintenance
(It is recommended that you also read the Policy and Regulations Section for more information)
External antennas /dishes of any type are prohibited.
Damages which occur in a unit will be charged to the resident(s) at a rate which includes actual replacement and labor
costs. Public area damages will he charged to those identified as responsible. Public area damages not charged to a
specific individual may he charged to residents of a floor, building, or unit.
Tampering with or rewiring elevators is prohibited. Elevators may not be used during general building evacuation in a
fire or severe weather emergency.
Residents are responsible for all furnishings provided in their unit. Furnishings may not be removed from assigned
locations. Alterations to furnishings will result in charges for replacement or restoration to original condition. Personal
beds (non-FIU beds), futons, couches or oversized furniture are not permitted along with lofts, homemade bunk beds,
personal washing machines and dryers, or and other major household appliances are not permitted. Due to limited
space and safety reasons, students are discouraged from bringing additional furnishings. Housing and Residential Life
staff reserve the right to have students remove personal furnishings from a unit if they are believed to pose a safety
risk, impede movement within the unit, or represent a fire hazard. Community/lounge furniture may not be removed or
relocated. If community lounge furniture is found within a unit, the residents will he charged a minimum $20 charge
for its relocation.
Keys are issued to each resident at check-in. A $65 lock change fee is assessed for each lost key. Additionally, a $10
fee is assessed for each mailbox key (PH).
Keys are only for the resident assigned to the unit and should only be in the possession of the resident to whom it was
assigned and should not be given to anyone else for any reason, no exceptions. Keys may not be duplicated. All keys
issued to residents are the property of Florida International University. Be aware that doors can be pinned at any time if
deemed necessary by Housing and Residential Life.
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