FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 105

Housing & Residential Life
• Unauthorized posting of notices, flyers, ads or other information in on-campus housing facilities is prohibited.
• Posting of events with alcohol is prohibited.
• Throwing any object from a window, ledge, roof, or balcony, or within the courtyards is prohibited.
• The use of slingshots or other related items is prohibited.
• Students may not engage in theft, malicious destruction, defacement, damage, or misuse of University or private
property or common area facilities.
• Replacement and repair costs will be charged to the responsible party(ies). Usage policies for specific common
area facilities are available at each residence hall.
• Sitting, standing on, climbing on, or hanging from a railing, or roof is prohibited.
• Hanging or securing unauthorized items from roofs or windows, including bikes, banners, signs, clothing, plants
or other items is prohibited.
• Loud talking or music, or other disruptive noise in rooms, courtyards, stairwells, or lobby areas during designated
quiet hours (Sunday–Thursday 10:00 p.m.–8:00 a.m.; Friday & Saturday Midnight–10:00a.m.; 24-hours
during the week of final exams) is prohibited. Loud talking, music, or other disruptive noise in rooms, courtyards,
stairwells, or lobby areas during 24-hour courtesy hours is prohibited.
• Speakers may not be placed in windows. Residents are responsible for turning down sound systems,
discontinuing noisy activity, and turning off subwoofers if requested to do so by another resident or staff member
at any time. Quiet hours are enforced regardless of holidays or semester breaks.
• Door-to-door solicitation, sales, and canvassing in the residence halls are not permitted.
• Distribution of flyers or leaflets or the placement of these items on cars is prohibited.
• Unauthorized placement of flyers and other forms of publicity in student mailboxes are prohibited.
• Engaging in sales or business activities within one’s unit or community area within on campus housing are
• Pursuant to Section 386.201.211 Florida Statutes, smoking is prohibited in all University buildings and sections
thereof, owned, leased, or operated by the University. This includes but is not limited to, classrooms, stairwells,
bathrooms, offices, hallways, labs, libraries, and on-campus housing facilities/ units. (See Policy and Regulations
Section for more information)
• Smoking, Tobacco, and all devices used for smoking (i.e., e- cigarettes, hookahs, pipes, etc.) are not permitted in
any of the residence hall rooms, apartments and facilities, including courtyards, elevators, stairwells, balconies,
lounges, patios, etc. Throwing cigarettes on the ground is considered littering.
• Ashes and buds will be considered evidence of smoking in a unit.
• Social gatherings, parties, and meetings in individual units are subject to all Municipal, State and Federal laws,
as well as University policies. The number of people in a unit at any time, including residents of the unit, must
be limited as follows:
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