FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 108

Housing & Residential Life
Section 12. Administration
(Please read the Police and Regulations Section for more information)
University ID card or other forms of identification with a picture must he presented upon request of a University
official, including Residence Hall Staff. Presenting a false ID or impersonating a University official are prohibited.
Housing and Residential Life staff reserve the right to inspect units on a regular basis for necessary repairs, cleanliness,
and safety checks. Health and Safety Inspections will be announced at the start of each semester/term through public
posting of information (ie: Housing and Residential Life website). Items that are found during inspections that are in
violation of housing and residential life policy, may be confiscated by University officials and may be immediately
Residents will be permitted one lockout during each semester without penalty. Upon the second lockout and every
subsequent lockout, a $15 fee will be issued to the resident. A lock change may be issued for security precautions. In
these cases, the resident will be charged the cost of a lock change. As an effective safety precaution, residents should
keep their room key with them at all times. For specific procedures for lockouts, contact your Complex Office.
Now that you know a little about your roommate as a person, it’s time to talk about expectations and set some guidelines
for living in the same room, apartment, or suite. Be open with your needs but also be willing to compromise. Discuss
the following issues that roommates typically disagree about. After discussing these items with your roommate(s) and
coming to decisions about your living arrangements, you should write how it will be in your room on the Roommate
Agreement provided. This agreement sets the standard for you, your roommates and guests. Post the agreement where
everyone can see it, give a copy to your RA and revise it throughout the year. The agreement can be very valuable
in avoiding problems later. Additional copies of the roommate agreement form can be obtained from your Resident
Assistant (RA).
Who will take out the trash? When?
Who will clean the bathroom? When?
Who will clean the dishes? When?
When can friends visit?
When can’t friends visit?
What is a reasonable time for guest to be around?
What is shareable vs. what should not be shared?
What is your space vs. group space?
Notable times:
What time will you wake up to go to class?
Who will use the bathroom during this time?
What time do you usually go to sleep?
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