FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 101

Housing & Residential Life
The Student Government Association has teamed up with Parking & Transportation to ensure you feel safe on campus.
The Panther Safety Tram provides escorts around campus at the Modesto A. Maidique Campus and Biscayne Bay
Campus. Call the Visitor Information Center at (305) 348-6173 for service at both MMC and BBC (please specify your
name, building/location, and which campus you need an escort provided.)
The hours during the regular academic year (Fall and Spring) are Monday–Friday from 7:00PM to 1:00AM.The summer
hours are from Monday–Friday 8:00AM to 10:00PM. University Police will provide an escort outside these hours if one
is requested. The escort service is staffed by FIU students and staff. Depending on the call volume, this service may
have a delay. Priority for this service is given to disabled student, faculty, and staff members.
The University Student Conduct System serves an important role in protecting individual rights and University
interests, developing citizenship, and providing procedural fairness to students accused of violations of
established standards of conduct.
Hearing Officers:
Administrative staff in Residential Life are designated as hearing officers and are authorized to
conduct student conduct hearings.
All student conduct hearings will follow due process requirements and established procedures, as stated
in the policies and regulations section of this handbook.
The following sanctions may he imposed upon any individual student or student organization found to have violated the
Student Code of Conduct.
An explanation of each sanction may be found in the Polices and Regulations section.
• Reprimand
• Work Hours
• Educational Activities
• Counseling Consultation
• Deferred Suspension
• Psychological Evaluation
• Restitution
• Expulsion/Restrictions Hall Reassignment
• Suspension–Conduct Probation
• On-Campus Housing Exclusion
Student Conduct records are retained by the Office of Residential Life and the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict
Housing Policies & Standards Of Conduct
University housing residents are responsible for abiding by all University policies and all Housing regulations. Housing
regulations should be read broadly, and are not designed to define misconduct in exhaustive terms. Students are
responsible for being familiar with and abiding by all policies contained within the Student Code of Conduct. The
policies listed in this section are provided as a partial summary for Housing residents. Refer to the policies and
regulation section of the Student Code of Conduct for further explanation. Violation of any Housing policy and standard
of conduct, or the violation of the Housing Agreement shall be considered a violation of the Student Conduct Code and
may result in disciplinary action, including, but not limited to immediate termination of the Housing Agreement. Items
found to be in violation of Housing regulations and/or University policies may be confiscated and/or discarded at the
discretion of Residential Life staff. Fines may also be imposed for violation of Housing regulations.
Housing Policies
are subject to change. For the most up to-date Housing Policies please refer to Housing.fiu.edu. Residents
are responsible for knowing and abiding by all of the Housing policies.
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