FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 103

Housing & Residential Life
• Personal appliances with an open flame or exposed heating elements/coils are not permitted including, but not
limited to: burners, griddles, panini makers, George Foreman grills, infrared appliances, toasters, electric skillets,
and deep fryers.
• Residents are permitted to use grills that are provided outside in the Housing areas. Personal grills are not
(See Policy and Regulations Section for more information)
(See Policy and Regulations Section for more information)
(See Policy and Regulations Section for more information)
(See Policy and Regulations Section for more information)
(See Policy and Regulations Section for more information)
(See Policy and Regulations Section for more information)
(See Policy and Regulations Section for more information)
• Only individuals 18 years of age and older (with proper photo identification) will be approved to visit the residence
• All individuals who visit the FIU residential areas must respect students’ rights to privacy and security.
• Guests MUST be escorted by their host, a current housing resident of the building of which they are present.
Unescorted guests will be required to leave the residential area.
• Students hosting guests, both University affiliated and non-University affiliated, are responsible for their guests
while the guest(s) visit the residential community. The resident host will be held accountable for the actions of
their guest(s). Resident hosts must accompany their guest(s) within the residential areas at all times.
• The Roommate Agreement serves as an informal policy on visitors and guest privileges. Failure to adhere to the
roommate agreement may result in an administrative relocation (including a new room and/or new residential
• Each resident, may only host 1 overnight guest at a time.
• An approved guest may stay on campus up to three consecutive nights within a seven-day period and no more
than 10 cumulative nights per semester regardless of his/her host, During Summer A and Summer B guest(s)
may stay no more than six cumulative nights regardless of his/her host.
• Failure to submit a guest registration form and gain approval for the guest prior to the arrival of an overnight
guest is prohibited.
• Overnight guest is defined as a guest(s) in a housing unit between the hours of midnight and 8:00am.
• Violations of the consecutive or cumulative policy may result in a monetary charge and disciplinary action for the
responsible resident and/or guest.
• Residence Life staff reserve the right to request a guest leave the residential community at any time.
• Knowingly hosting person(s) who have been trespassed from on-campus housing facilities is prohibited.
• Anyone who has been removed from housing or has cancelled their housing agreement must abide by the
guest policies.
• Violation(s) of the guest policies may result in loss of visitation privileges, immediate room change, and/or
termination of the housing agreement.
• The use or possession of halogen lamps in on campus housing is prohibited.
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