FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 102

Housing & Residential Life
(Read the Policy and Regulations Section for more information)
• Possession, use or consumption of alcohol when under the legal drinking age as outlined by Florida Law is
prohibited. Students of legal drinking age are permitted to have alcoholic beverages in their residence hall units,
if all resident(s) of the unit are of legal age. If under age individuals reside in the unit with a legal age individual
the legal individual must store all alcoholic beverage(s) in his/her assigned bedroom.
• Use or possession of kegs, beer balls, beer taps, alcohol vaporizers and/or any large amount of alcohol are not
permitted in any room or area of University owned housing. In addition, any device designed to consume large
amounts of alcohol (funnels, beer/alcohol pong, bongs, etc.) are prohibited.
• Dispensing, selling or supplying alcoholic beverages to an individual who is under the legal drinking age as
outlined by Florida Law is prohibited.
• Alcohol and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas, such as lounges, courtyards and hallways
is prohibited.
• If all of the residents in the unit are under the legal drinking age (no one including of-age guests) may possess
or consume alcohol in the unit.
• Violating any other university policy while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. Members of FIU community
who choose to drink will he held fully responsible for their behavior while under the influence of alcohol. Loss
of control due to intoxication does not excuse or justify violation of the slate law, University regulations, or the
rights of others.
• Misrepresenting or misstating one’s age or using altered identification in order to obtain alcohol is prohibited.
• Hosting or attending a gathering where underage individuals and alcohol is present is prohibited.
• Consumption, possession or use of alcohol in a housing unit where all assigned residents of that on campus
housing unit are under legal drinking age is prohibited (dry units). If no one assigned to live in the building/area is
21 years of age or older, alcohol is prohibited in the building/area (dry building/area). Panther Hall and Lakeview
South are dry buildings, regardless of age, no alcohol is allowed.
• Alcohol bottles, alcohol cans, and alcohol packaging are not permitted as decorations. These items may also be
considered as evidence of consumption.
• Consumption of alcohol, legal or otherwise, neither removes nor absolves a resident from their responsibility to
observe University regulations. A resident may be immediately removed from Housing if they violate the alcohol
policy or if they pose a danger to self, others, or cause damage while under the influence of alcohol.
• Failure to maintain one’s assigned residence hall unit in a clean and sanitary manner.
• Disposal of trash in a place other than designated bins or dumpsters is prohibited. Violators are subject to a
$50 charge per bag.
• Cohabitation is not permitted. For the purpose of on-campus housing, cohabitation is defined as: the housing
of unauthorized individual(s) in a residential unit for more than three (3) consecutive days, or the sharing of a
housing space, including storage of another’s belongings in one’s assigned space/unit.
• Possession of alcohol stoves, hibachis, hot plates, and gas grills in student living units, in stairwells, or on
walkways/entry areas to any housing facility are prohibited. For a list of approved cooking appliances (including
coffee makers) – refer to
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